Advertisements Are Evil

Every website you visit. Every channel you flip through. They all have one thing in common. They all have ads. Yes they might not seem annoying depending on the website, but the ads are there to make you buy stuff! Even if we don’t know it, the ads are subconsciously making us want to buy things that we don’t really need.

As days go forward AI is learning what you look for, then displaying the most relevant ads. This hurts our wallets cause its tracks your every move and puts more pressure on you to buy these items! Since companies are always putting this idea that we need more stuff to be happy we find it even more compelling to buy these items!

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The most terrible part of companies advertising is that they try to advertise to kids in a major way. With tablets they force ads on top of the kids and with kids this makes them want the item. From there the kid will bring it to their parents and hopefully from there the kid will pressure their parents into buying the product. This also affects kids minds as they feel like they need more and more items.

For adults this really affects the way we think. We are going to a very item heavy society. We always feel like we need more, or a new item will make us happy. Ads are only reinforcing this by putting sales on the items or making a “limited” item. We are people don’t want to miss out on a “deal” or a “limited time offer”. As well we don’t want to be the only person that doesn’t have the item. I know this is not for all of us, but ads affect the way we think heavily.


Note: i will be doing a following article on advertisements going over some studies that have been conducted on advertisements and their effectiveness.