Does Meditation Actually Work?

Meditation is the act of focusing on nothing but your breathing and the energy around you, in my opinion. I meditated for the last 7 days to see if I feel a difference and surprisingly I do! There is something about meditation that takes your mind off everything and helps you focus on the here and now. I only did 5 minutes every morning just so I can get the idea of it. I did this by searching up “guided meditation” on youtube and it came back with great results.

First I started to notice I am able to focus on projects more. I don’t reach for my phone every 10 seconds, instead I only answer when I lose this focus which has becoming less and less. Next I noticed when doing these guided meditations, I could feel the energy rising as they described. This energy help me fall into a deeper relaxation. By the the end of the meditation I felt like there was no stress and nothing to worry about. I mean of course there is something to worry about cause ya know life and all, but taking about 5 minutes out of the day to realize your existence and to remember that everything is gonna be okay definitely help bring you back down to earth. In a way doing meditation in the morning it helped me feel a lot calmer throughout the day and seem to not let any situations get to me. I definitely helped me think through problems clearer.


Studies have shown that only about 8% of Americans meditate, as per NIH, which I find to be extremely low. For me, since I live in New York, meditation has definitely helped me to relax in situations where I would get very upset about. Along with relieving stress, meditation is also known to help, alleviate high blood pressure, IBS, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. For those who idolize very wealthy or productive people, it is known that these individuals usual meditate on a daily bases to help them focus on what has to be done throughout their day.

My thoughts on meditations in general are as follows. I do feel like society views meditation as a very ‘weird’ thing to do in this day and age. As a kid you will be judged as weird if you do this so it sticks with most people as they become an adult and they never tend to try it. I also do feel like most people are glued to their phone, so trying to not look at it for 5 minutes can be a real problem for them. I hope that society will come to the fact of doing things such as yoga, mediation, or some other form of this, helps them become more stress free. If you haven’t tried yoga, do yourself a favor and try it, you won’t regret it.