Flagship Phones Dying?

Apple and Samsung currently dominate the market when it comes to smartphones, but it starting to feel like that is starting to change. Companies like OnePlus makers of the OnePlus phones are coming out of the woodwork and charging half the price for even better specs out phones. The only different between this phone and high end ones is the screen of course, but is a screen really worth an extra $500?

Most of the market currently is on the android side of this war of phones. This is mostly due cause of the price compared to apple phones which barely have deals or even an entry level phone that cost less than $500. Additionally, with the release of the new Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X the prices are not getting any cheaper. The good thing about smaller companies trying to match these flagship phones is that Samsung and Apple will have no other choice than to lower their prices to keep up with the great bang for buck style phones from all of these newer or not as well known companies.

The real question to be asked here is paying a massive extra amount of money worth it? Since I come from a very technical background I would say no. I currently own a One Plus 5 phone which has the same snapdragon processor as the Galaxy S8 and has more ram then both the Galaxy and iPhone combined. As well since i started using this phone I have the longest battery life I have ever had at about 16 hours a day at pretty high usage. The only thing I will every make a complaint about is the screen. Yes, it is not as good as say apple’s OLED screen, but its still a really good screen for the price you are paying.

We can already see how Apple is starting to slow down in sales. Apple has already stated that they will end the iPhone X’s life this coming July. I do feel like this is part of the high price for this phone as well as no real new features that stand out for consumers. This is something that is going to kill these flagship phones and that is uniqueness. If there isn’t a difference from a $1000 phone compared to a cheap $200, then why pay so much more money for the name brand?

So are these flagship phones dying? If these big phone brands keep raising their prices as Apple has just done I do think that people are going to start to convert to cheaper phones, and lets be real almost any phone you get now a-days has all the capabilities you need and they all do it pretty well. We will just have to wait and see who comes up with the next big idea that is revolutionize the way we use our smartphones everyday.