How to Save Money in College

Saving money in college can probably be one of the hardest things to do. If you are working, you know how fast that paycheck gets used and then you end of with no more money, and you won’t get another check for about a week or so. Here are some tips to help you save some extra cash.

1. Bring Food from Home

It is pretty obvious but food is expensive if you want to eat out. The simpliest way to beat these prices is to bring food from home. This can cost you about 75% less. If you are lucky enough that your parents supply the food in the house you can be eating for free and then save the extra money.

2. Take Public Transportation

This is probably one of the biggest expense especially for my friends who Uber to everywhere they need to go. If you live in a very rural area this won’t apply to you but taking public transportation can save you so much money. Comparing $2.75 to be able to go accross New York, to over $10 dollars for an Uber driver where you can only go 5 minutes away. The savings are obvious for this one, try to utilize it as much as possible.

3. Don’t Buy A New Car

This is one of the mistakes I fell into. Buying a new car especially as a kid is the biggest expense and can take basically a whole check between car insurance and the monthly bill for the car itself. If you are going away to college where you probably won’t be using a car so often, then buy a used car. Used cars can be paid out fully and the monthly insurance payment will be extremely low compared to an insurance policy on a new car.

4. Stay Away from the Vending Machine

Most college students like their food quick and easy Vending machines are the easiest way to make money. Even though they like sound like a bargin for a dollar for chips, it’s not. It adds up quickly espically when you check is only about $500 or so biweekly. Try to stay away from these guys and only use them for emergencies.

5. Watch your Monthly Subscriptions

This is a biggy if you don’t watch what is coming out of your credit or debit card. Take the time this week to go over what monthly subscriptions you are paying for and really think about if you are really utilizing it to it’s full capability, if not cancel them. You can always resubscribe in the future.

6. Try Not to by expensive Coffee

Yes, I am talking about Starbucks. It is a very tasty coffee and I do enjoy it sometimes myself but comparing a $6 coffee to a $1 coffee is a big different. This is especially expensive you drink coffee every day and will only buy the expensive ones. Try the corner store or a cart if you live in the city, the coffee tastes about the same and is more than half the price!


Space X Launches Falcon Heavy with an Interesting Payload

Last week on February 6th, 2018 Space X launched the falcon heavy into space to orbit the sun. The mission was accomplished by shooting this three stage rocket from NASA’s space station in Florida. This launch was to test the power of the Falcon Heavy’s new booster that was only tested a few months ago. Space X along with Elon Musk, owner of Space X, were very concerned about the rocket being launched so early, but it all worked out for them.

The most insane part of this is that 2 of the 3 boosters landed back on earth successfully as shown in the picture above. The third booster lost control and landed into the ocean with a speed of over 30,000mph. That third booster was suppose to land on a barge in the ocean after breaking off from the rocket.


This rocket is planned to be used to transfer supplies into orbit or even to the moon which is the next destination. The rocket can carry a total payload of a little bit over 140,000lbs. The rockets were so powerful that the planned trajectory, to orbit the sun, changed and now it is headed to Mars!

The funniest part of this event is that Elon Musk put a roadster as the payload in the rocket! To add to the effect he put a dummy in a space suit in the driver seat. On the screen in the car is text saying “DON’T PANIC”. Hopefully life on mars will be able to take advantage of the car.

40143096241_11128929df_b.jpgSpace X has already lost video feed from the car itself due to the batteries in the camera’s dying, isn’t that ironic! To add to the humor the dummy had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the outside, almost as if he was cruising down the highway.

Realistically, this is a major success for Space X as it continues to be funded by the government and by investors. The rocket only costs $90 million dollars to launch which may sound like a lot, but is only a small chunk of change for Elon Musk. Landing the boosters back on earth can help reduce the amount of metal being landed in the ocean as well allow for re-usability. This re-usability will allow the rocket to be launched more often than usual and in the long run allow us to reach mars! Space X and Elon Musk are looking forward to building the next rocket which will be name BFR, which stands for Big Falcon Rocket. This will hopefully allow us to travel further than we have ever flew before.



Living in the City; Fun or Stressful?

I have been born in raised in New York, but to be specific Brooklyn. I have seen it all from the big buildings to the 5 foot parks that are put in. I have walked over almost all of the bridges and have visited the top of the empire state buildings. Now is it as good as people say it is or is it just as stressful as being at work?

New York is one of the busiest cities in the world of over 8 million in such a small space. This can make getting around such a problem and that is one of my complaints with highly over populated cities. If you want to travel anywhere more than 2 miles you would be crazy to drive unless you can ensure there is parking. Walking to different areas can also be a hassle if it is a highly populated area. This means that you can barely walk without be slowed down by someone in front of you or getting knocked into by people on their cell phones not paying attention.

Being in the city itself is a whole different story, but it still has its downfalls. If you live in the city you will only have to commute for a few minutes as there is a train on every block, but don’t think about getting a car cause you will pay thousands a year just to keep it in a parking lot, because the chances of you finding parking are slim to none.

If you ever think of owning a home in New York City you better start saving at 20. Houses in run down neighborhoods where you will probably only get more than a 5 square foot box will cost you over half a million dollars!

The city does have its perk of course and I do think there are so many reasons to stay. As I said before you will never need to own a car cause there is a bus on every corner and the trains can get you to the same place in the same amount of time for only $2.75 a pop.

Want a sandwich at 2 in the morning? Yes, you can get a sandwich at a corner store at any time of the day and you most likely never be unsatisfied with the taste. Usually, everything in New York is open extended hours since there is so many people to feed and so much business.

Lastly, living in New York gives you this sense of belonging with so many people. There is always someone to talk to and always new things to be seen. I feel like living in the country for me would be too quiet that I would be more worried. New York City will forever be my home.