Want to know how to set up a morning routine for success? Below are 11 simple things to do for the best morning routine for success. This post is all about the morning routine list.


Morning Routine for success

Best Morning Routine for success


We all live in this fast paced era where everything is run run run. We have 100s of things to do but only so many hours in a day. Most of us feel overwhelmed and stressed all the time. Below I have listed Morning routine list for a successful day.


This post is all about the morning routine for success.

Best Morning routine for success


Few years ago I used to wake up, shower and go to work and a ton of emails and tasks would be waiting for me. I used to get so stressed and overwhelmed. That was my everyday life until I started doing something a little different. I started waking up a little early and started incorporating a few new habits that made me feel like I was not rushing. 


This was a game changer. I felt so much calmer and less overwhelmed even though I had the same amount of tasks waiting for me. I was in a better place to handle them.

You don’t have to wake up at 5 am, you just have to wake up half an hour to one hour earlier than your current schedule.


Have you heard of filling your cup first? I did touch on this a little in my last week’s blog post. I hadn’t, until recently and when I read about it, I understood why my practice above helped me so much. It was because I was filling my cup first! 

At first, it might seem counter intuitive that doing additional tasks will reduce overwhelm. It’s only when you practice for a few weeks, you will notice the difference so I encourage you to give it a try.


Let’s start with baby steps and build on top of them over time. We can perfect it once we form these habits. I have listed below a simple Morning Routine that will set you up for a successful day. You might think it’s too much but some of these will take you literally 1-3 mins. Give them a try for 2 weeks and then feel free to make changes as you need as we are all different. Below is a guideline to get you started.



There are so many benefits of affirmations. It helps us be confident and be motivated. It helps us unblock our mindset. Some people practice Writing affirmations for 21 days but we are going to keep it simple. You can start with 1 or 2 short positive affirmations. You can keep a list of affirmations and say different affirmations everyday, or say the same powerful affirmation everyday.

I am experimenting with one powerful affirmation for the next 30 days. It literally takes a min or 2, so no excuses 🙂

I like to say it the first thing after I am awake before anything else affects my mood, or thoughts. The reason is if I am already affected by other moods, or thoughts it will be very hard to feel what I am saying vs If I say my affirmation first, it will be hard for other feelings to override this 🙂



When we wake up, our body hasn’t had water for many hours so it is a perfect time to hydrate our body. Also, it’s a good time to flush out our system when we haven’t had food. In addition, drinking water has many benefits.

This is a perfect start to our 8 glasses of water. I tend to forget so I write a drink water reminder in my planner, you can also use a drink water app.



The most important thing to be happy is TO BE PRESENT. Past can bring so many hurt feelings and the future may bring anxiety; so many times we worry about things that may never happen. 

Mediation helps us be PRESENT! This reduces anxiety. I have been practicing meditation for a few years now, and I can personally say that this has brought so much calmness and patience in me.

There are many benefits of meditation. I would suggest starting with a guided meditation, and you can find plenty of 5 minute meditations.



We have so many wants and desires and sometimes we get so hung up on what we want that we forget about what we have. Practicing gratitude helps us look at positive things in our life. Over time,  it trains our mind to look at all the good things rather than what we don’t have. I have been practicing gratitude for a long time and it has changed my life.

Again, we have to start small  –  spending 1-3 mins a day writing gratitude is a good place to start. It’s a good idea to keep a small gratitude journal by your bedside.



This practice is so small that anyone can do it and it can set us up for a successful day. Making bed in the morning can make us feel like we checked off one thing from our to-do list, and this can motivate us to do other tasks. This may take us 1 – 4 mins a day.

Also, it will be nice to come back to a nice welcoming bed when we are ready to sleep at night.



We as humans are designed to be moving all day but modern lifestyle is far from that. Working out everyday is the best thing we can do for our body. But I know first hand that it does not come naturally to all of us. 

If you can exercise, that would be the best, else don’t sweat. Let’s start small, and stretch our body for 10 mins. Stretching has many benefits, this helps us remain flexible, improve blood circulation which in-turn can help with motivation. You can search for stretching exercises for beginners and start with what is comfortable for you. Remember we are all very different so we should do what works for us.

You can also put a timer a couple times a day to repeat this.



Morning showers awaken me and get rid of my body aches. I like to take a warm shower every morning; it refreshes me physically as well as mentally. You can say it’s my favorite way to start my day.

Once I take shower and wash my face, I do my skin care. This does not have to be elaborate, do what you can or want. This is one of those things if you don’t do it now you won’t get time to do it later. So it’s important to have a skincare routine. Again this does not mean you need a lot of skincare products. Use only what you need.



In my last post How to plan your day , I stressed that planning at night is beneficial. If you planned at night, you can simply look at your planner for today’s plan. This will help you set your intention for the day which is so important to be productive. If you like to plan in the morning then I suggest planning for the day and set intentions for the day.



I don’t know about you but I need my breakfast 🙂 It can be very simple but I need it.

Going without breakfast is trying to go help someone when you have not helped yourself. It’s very important to nourish our body to keep it functioning well in the long run. Also, it helps us be in a good state to tackle the day. 


Hope these help you just as they helped me.


Let me know if you practice any morning routine that makes a huge impact in your day.


This post is all about the morning routine for success.

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