What would change if aliens came. Would you think they were friendly or hostile. Would we receive any new technologies from them?


Walking around town you notice a shadow darken the street before you. You don’t take notice at first and you come to believe they are just dark rain clouds moving into formation. As you continue to move foward you notice people looking up into the sky and murmuring lines out of curiosity. You stop and take a look up to spot a alien vessel the size of the city! What do you do now? What is going to happen to you?

There are one of two scenarios that can play out here is that we start a fight with the aliens and mostly likely lose due to they highly advanced technology. The other is that we come to peace with the aliens and look to trade with him. Would knowing the truth about our galaxy and the lifeforms in it change the way we live. If there was hundreds and thousands different advanced lifeforms roaming the galaxy what would change?

As humans we would have millions of questions to ask. This would also confirm the belief that there are alien lifeforms other than ourselves in the universe. In my belief I do think that the world in general would come together more as a cause of this. I know this sounds farfetched, but when something threatens a race as a whole, people will tend to form up and fight back. Even though the aliens aren’t a threat as of yet, since they have this advanced technology they would be able to whip us out very quick and easy which is a threat to us.


Weirdly enough I do believe that this encounter with aliens could change a lot of the technology we use today. If allowed we could trade with the aliens for some of our research for some of theirs. Hopefully we would be able to understand their technology. This could lead to clearer forms of energy production, increased farming production, space ships, space stations, and anything that comes to mind when you think of an alien civilization.

Now i know this is all theoretical, but this would change the way we live on a daily basis. If you think about how a place such as New York is run it feels very centralized. If we went from being centralized to having to trade with different species or catching up on technology much would change in a very short amount of time. Think about how this would change your life on a daily basis knowing that there are other people or things out there.

Are You Happy?

Time has come! You are ready to retire and relax for the remaining time you of your life. You plan to do all the things that you never got the chance to do! You don’t know how long you have left, but you just want to lay back and enjoy it without any responsibilities or duties, but are you happy with that? Do you feel like you lived a meaningful life and that you had purpose and fulfilled those goals you had as a kid?!

Finding happiness is one of the hardest things that any human can do. Is happiness having enough money to buy your own island? I mean yes that would be pretty fun for a time being, but after a few days or weeks you might get bored of it. Is happiness posting on social media how good your life seems while on the inside you just want people to like or envy you? This feels like it is coming to social norm today as people are more satisfied when people like their picture or that they have more followers than another person, but are they truly happy? People always seems to be happy on the outside just to show people that everything is okay or great, but all of us always have this feeling of not doing enough or feeling like they can do better. Unfortunately this thought causes depression in many people but we can only push forward and find what is actually means to be happy.

In my own opinion, I find a lot of happiness in trying to find my purpose in life. Finding that one thing you are really good at and contributing it to the world. The sad reality of it is that most of us pick jobs for the money and not really the enjoyment. Society is becoming more and more materialistic as well feel that the more items we have the more happiness we should obtain and this is not truth as we come to realize.


A quote by Jim Carrey saying, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer”. Its so simple, but it is extremely true. Most of us think that the answer is to get rich and famous as the meaning of happiness, but more of those who are rich and famous seem to not be happy enough with their lives if not at all!

Happiness is hard to find and some of us will never find it. One of the main things people should do is always chase their dreams. Find something you find happiness in doing everyday, either it being a hobby or a lifetime career, do it everyday and enjoy it as much as possible. Do things that you won’t regret. I feel a lot of people skip over opportunities and then sometime later think about how they should of took advantages of things including myself. One last thing which has helped me immensely in my life is never settle and never think that you aren’t good enough. As long as you put yourself to it and apply yourself you can go extremely far!

Extinction, Destruction, and the Mind

Walking into the lunch room at work you notice your coworkers crowding around the screen. You glance up at the TV to see the headline “Meteor Headed Toward Earth”. Listening in to the news anchors worried voice you notice her say that this meteor will wipe out most if not all of humanity. You think about it now, what are you going to do with the time you have left? Have you felt you accomplished your goals/

If human civilization know the time it would it was going to end would it come together to try to solve the problem or cause massive destruction as people fight over items. I know this is sounding to start like something out of a movie, but the fact is when humans are faced with danger that they feel is unsolvable they start doing really unnecessary things such as breaking into stores or stealing items.

The question I like to think about is “Why?”. My reason to believe this is that humans are so use to being given what they want. We have this idea of new items being delivered to us by not doing any of the hard such as research, design, or inventing new things. Think about how new phones come out every year and we expect them to better. Just like medicine we expect things to get better and better and that there is always a solution to things and that everything is going to be okay, but in reality most things have not been solved and we have to live with that.


Going back into the question at hand which is why do humans lash out at an almost “unsolvable” idea is due to the fact that that problem is unsolvable so we try to make up for what is going to happen. We try to fill this void of happiness before we die with items and destruction. This makes no sense to me as destruction only tears down what we worked so hard to put up and stealing items will not fill the void of happiness.

Coming also back to the idea of time. In another scenario where only you were going to die in some scenario most of us usually answer with “I would do all the things I always wanted to do”. I find it interesting that we will follow up with these actions, but in a group setting I do feel like our actions were change drastically. pexels-photo-631477.jpeg

i know this article has been all over the place with ideas, but the main point is to ask yourself is why humans act the way they do when faced with intense problems. Of course there will be some that will always try to solve the problem and they will be the main characters in this end of world type scenario.

The Dyson Sphere

In the near future earth’s power consumption is gonna grow un unimaginable amounts. As we are looking for cleaner ways of energy its hard to find the right way to supply us with our power needs. One of the new ideas that is being brought up is the “Dyson Sphere”, but it is way our of our reach some might think.

Almost out of a science fiction movie the “Dyson Sphere” will do the unimaginable. It is planned to enclose or surround the sun in a set or rings of solar panels that will harvest the maximum amount of power from the sun. This is said to be the best way as of right now to supply the earth with power needs once space travel starts to becoming more consistant.


Thousands of concepts are being developed such as the picture above. As someone who enjoys space and the idea of alien life I find the concept pretty astonishing. Not only would this solve the power needs of our civilization, but it would be the cleanest way to retrieve energy.

The final idea would to fully encapsulate the sun to the point where no sunlight would be able to leave. This would encapsulate planets up to earth in a sphere almost like the inside of the death star. Right now plans by fans and some scientists of this idea are being developed.

Since a full encapsulation is way in the near future most people are trying to develop different setups such as a “Dyson Swarm” which are independent solar satellites that are built in a very dense formation. From here different formations are being setup such as a ring or a bubble. With the bubble though (as shown below) the satellites are being spread out more allowing for easier orbit around the sun.


The idea of the “Dyson Sphere” is far from reality but how far? I do believe technology has advanced so fast in the last 20 years that we are a civilization are still trying to adapt and catch up to technology itself. The Dyson Sphere is the next idea for clean energy and its soon going to be here along with space travel! Additionally, some quirks have to be buffed out with this idea such as does it have an affect on the surrounding area or  the idea of beaming power down to earth as it would be very dumb to have a cable to run down to earth though I would like to be connected to that power line if that did happen!


What if you couldn’t speak anymore? Not only you, everyone! Would change everything or would we just adapt?

Picture this. You wake up and you are not longer able to talk. You try to make a moan, a grunt, or even whisper and you are unable to. You wake up the person closest to you and they too soon realize they are unable to speak. Trying not to freak out you try to call your parents and you hear the phone being picked up but no sound on the other end. What if this become a reality. No speaking, no verbal communication, no more talking. How much would this change our way of life?

First of all we must come to realize that most of our communication isn’t done verbally anymore. Most of what we communicate is over text message, email, or by physical actions.

If this say ‘disease’ continued for a few years what would this change? We would have to find a faster way to communicate immediately such as a new form of instant messaging. Would this hinder groups in general? I do feel like this would have some effect on the groups that we form everyday such as teams, religions, or even political groups. Why? Well if we are unable to compellingly convince others of what we are thinking who would want to be apart of that group.

Face-to-face communication would slowly dwindle as time went on. Hanging out with friends and just talking wouldn’t be as fun anymore as there wouldn’t be anymore emotion in the way someone is speaking. As it is even happening now, people tend to enjoy group chats, 1 on 1 messaging over actually getting a cup of coffee with the person or going out with friends.

Emotion would be lost in all conversations. Happiness would dwindle as you wouldn’t be able to laugh anymore. The feeling of ‘lol’ or ‘lmao’ already means nothing to most of us as we aren’t really ‘laughing out loud’ most of the time in my experience.

Weirdly enough I am finding silence to become the social norm. More people are unable to speak in public places or talk to a stranger. Most of it is done by body language or done in apps are more fast food places now allow you to order on your phone skipping the verbal ordering way. What would total silence mean to you? Peace or madness?

Friday The 13th

It’s Friday the 13th!…. Again! We all know how spooked out people get over this day, but why do so many people have superstitions about Friday the 13th?

We all know the many modern day movies surrounding terrible things that occur on a Friday the 13th. In our modern American culture and in many European cultures Friday the 13th is considered a day a dread. Because of this many people have superstitious stress over something bad that may happen on Friday the 13th and this causes self fulfilling prophecies in some cases. Business is often not as good and there are often more car accidents on Friday the 13th. There are probably many other negative occurrences that coincide with Friday the 13th. This may make it seem like there really is something to this superstitious number and day but the truth is that people who are superstitious about this day have more stress on this day. This probably makes them fearful of going out thus hindering business. They are also probably more preoccupied with fear and stress that their focus lacks in many other aspects causing car accidents and other possible negative events.

But who came up with this idea that Friday the 13th was bad luck? Was it the modern movies? Surely, modern movies surrounding this superstition made more people fearful of it but these movies did not invent this superstition. This is superstition that has been around for a while but its origins are mysterious.

The Friday the 13th superstition actually has no record before the 19th century. Henry Sutherland Edwards’ 1869 biography of Gioachino Rossini is the first English writing to mention a Friday the 13th superstition. The 1907 book Friday, the Thirteenth by Thomas W. Lawson may have also helped spread the superstition. However, was there a reason why these authors wrote about Friday the 13th being bad luck?

There are many hypothesis about the origin of the superstition of Friday the 13th. One is that it originated due to the Last Supper and the death of Christ. There were 13 people at the Last Supper and the 13th person, Judas, betrayed Jesus. Jesus was then crucified on what is now called Good Friday. Another hypothesis is that it originated when King Philip IV of France arrested many members of the Knights Templar on Friday October 13, 1307.

Regarding the bad luck of the number 13 specifically, there are many myths and fairy tales from various cultures that depict 13 as a bad luck number. One is the Norse myth of a dinner party in Valhalla in which Loki was the 13th guest who bought bad luck. This myth and other tales could have been adapting plot elements and this superstition that may have originated from the Last Supper. However, there seems to be superstition surrounding this number that predates Christianity. Zoroastrianism was an ancient religion predating even Judaism that believed that the 13 millennium would be bad luck. It is possible that there was some cultural association of bad luck with this number that led to many stories using 13 as a bad luck number. This may have led to books and movies using this same superstition in their plots. These books and movies made more people in modern day superstitious of this number.

Why did ancient cultures have a negative association with the number 13 though? We don’t know for sure but a good inference is that it was because 12 was so often thought of as a complete number and so 11 or 13 would seem incomplete and thus would have a negative connotation to it. So why isn’t Friday the 11th bad luck. Well maybe 13 was unlucky because that was the average time puberty hits. We know many ancient rituals and superstitions surrounded sexuality and Abrahamic religions often shunned sexuality. This combination may have made 13 associated with bad luck. This is plausible but then why Friday the 13th? Well we don’t know but it is certainly possible that 13 had superstitions surrounding it before Christianity but superstitious people learned about the Last Supper and Good Friday and made Friday the 13th superstitious.

There are other days of bad luck for other cultures though. In Spanish speaking countries and Greece Tuesday the 13th is bad luck not Friday the 13th. In Italy, Friday the 17th is bad luck. In some ancient cultures 13 was a lucky number. Clearly there is no objective bad luck number that exists. Different cultures for different reasons associated bad luck with some numbers and some days. Our modern American culture’s superstition about Friday the 13 likely has roots in cultures that associated 13 with bad luck before Christianity for reasons we can only hypothesize about. The Last Supper and Good Friday probably influenced the bad luck day to be Friday but we also don’t know this.

We don’t know exactly why 13 or Friday the 13th were originally thought to be unlucky. The best we have are good inferences. However, our modern knowledge of cultures and science can assure us there is nothing to be superstitious about. If we are less superstitious we will probably see less negative events going on on this day also.