Imagine a government where we aren’t focused on defending ourselves, building walls, or trying to please everyone. The country that you live in has advanced technology such as flying cars or even space travel. This is the idea behind a ‘Technocracy’. For those of you who don’t know a technocracy is a government that focuses on the advancement of technology within the country. This will involve taking problems such as world hunger or clean energy and focuses most of the government funds on that area of the government. This turns around the current ideas of republicans which involves a very army heavy government or the ideas of democrats which involve helping all people in every situation or country possiblem. Lets see how this technocracy would work in todays situation.

As I said before a technocracy would focus on solving problems with a majority of the money going into these technologies that would solve the problems. If we were to take a majority of funding away from defense and the army this could cause a major problem. Since we are one of the biggest markets and have one of the biggest armies in the world, if we were to become defenseless we would look like a open vault with no security. This would definitely cause other countries to have ideas to invade us. This is probably one of the biggest problems we have if we wanted to fund more money is technologies and sciences.


Another big problem that has to do with a majority of Americans is social service such as food stamps, social security, and even EBT cards. If we were to take away funding from this many Americans would probably not be able to survive. This could hopefully be fixed if technology becomes so advanced that prices drop since the cost of farming crops and manufacturing clothing will drop drastically. The hope is that computer’s and technology will help solve most of the jobs that can be done and making it extremely efficient. Then from there prices will be dirt cheap or even free hopefully at some point.

Unfortunately the idea of having a government system like this is also bad for work. People would lose their jobs to machines. This wouldn’t be just a few jobs, it would probably be all jobs! Why need accountants if people do need to make a profit. Why need farmers if it is ran by machines. Why need engineers when computers build, manufacture, and sooner or later drive the car. The idea of a technocracy is also to simplify everything to the point were hopefully all humans can live in a state of harmony without having to worry where they are gonna sleep, eat, or drink.

To sum up the idea of a technocracy is basically viewing the idea of our future, but at a quicker rate. This is what we all look forward to as the end goal. That no one has to worry about how they are going to survive, and that the simple jobs are done automatically without any human interaction. The real question is that would a forced technocracy work within the United States today?


Flagship Phones Dying?

Apple and Samsung currently dominate the market when it comes to smartphones, but it starting to feel like that is starting to change. Companies like OnePlus makers of the OnePlus phones are coming out of the woodwork and charging half the price for even better specs out phones. The only different between this phone and high end ones is the screen of course, but is a screen really worth an extra $500?

Most of the market currently is on the android side of this war of phones. This is mostly due cause of the price compared to apple phones which barely have deals or even an entry level phone that cost less than $500. Additionally, with the release of the new Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X the prices are not getting any cheaper. The good thing about smaller companies trying to match these flagship phones is that Samsung and Apple will have no other choice than to lower their prices to keep up with the great bang for buck style phones from all of these newer or not as well known companies.

The real question to be asked here is paying a massive extra amount of money worth it? Since I come from a very technical background I would say no. I currently own a One Plus 5 phone which has the same snapdragon processor as the Galaxy S8 and has more ram then both the Galaxy and iPhone combined. As well since i started using this phone I have the longest battery life I have ever had at about 16 hours a day at pretty high usage. The only thing I will every make a complaint about is the screen. Yes, it is not as good as say apple’s OLED screen, but its still a really good screen for the price you are paying.

We can already see how Apple is starting to slow down in sales. Apple has already stated that they will end the iPhone X’s life this coming July. I do feel like this is part of the high price for this phone as well as no real new features that stand out for consumers. This is something that is going to kill these flagship phones and that is uniqueness. If there isn’t a difference from a $1000 phone compared to a cheap $200, then why pay so much more money for the name brand?

So are these flagship phones dying? If these big phone brands keep raising their prices as Apple has just done I do think that people are going to start to convert to cheaper phones, and lets be real almost any phone you get now a-days has all the capabilities you need and they all do it pretty well. We will just have to wait and see who comes up with the next big idea that is revolutionize the way we use our smartphones everyday.

Space X Launches Falcon Heavy with an Interesting Payload

Last week on February 6th, 2018 Space X launched the falcon heavy into space to orbit the sun. The mission was accomplished by shooting this three stage rocket from NASA’s space station in Florida. This launch was to test the power of the Falcon Heavy’s new booster that was only tested a few months ago. Space X along with Elon Musk, owner of Space X, were very concerned about the rocket being launched so early, but it all worked out for them.

The most insane part of this is that 2 of the 3 boosters landed back on earth successfully as shown in the picture above. The third booster lost control and landed into the ocean with a speed of over 30,000mph. That third booster was suppose to land on a barge in the ocean after breaking off from the rocket.


This rocket is planned to be used to transfer supplies into orbit or even to the moon which is the next destination. The rocket can carry a total payload of a little bit over 140,000lbs. The rockets were so powerful that the planned trajectory, to orbit the sun, changed and now it is headed to Mars!

The funniest part of this event is that Elon Musk put a roadster as the payload in the rocket! To add to the effect he put a dummy in a space suit in the driver seat. On the screen in the car is text saying “DON’T PANIC”. Hopefully life on mars will be able to take advantage of the car.

40143096241_11128929df_b.jpgSpace X has already lost video feed from the car itself due to the batteries in the camera’s dying, isn’t that ironic! To add to the humor the dummy had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the outside, almost as if he was cruising down the highway.

Realistically, this is a major success for Space X as it continues to be funded by the government and by investors. The rocket only costs $90 million dollars to launch which may sound like a lot, but is only a small chunk of change for Elon Musk. Landing the boosters back on earth can help reduce the amount of metal being landed in the ocean as well allow for re-usability. This re-usability will allow the rocket to be launched more often than usual and in the long run allow us to reach mars! Space X and Elon Musk are looking forward to building the next rocket which will be name BFR, which stands for Big Falcon Rocket. This will hopefully allow us to travel further than we have ever flew before.