Technocracy Podcast

On today’s episode of the DailyThinkers podcast, Marty and Richard talk about the idea of a technocracy. What is it? Should we use it, and is it viable for the United States? Is technocracy a good thing or a bad thing?

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Gun Debate Podcast


Richard and I talk about the gun debate that is occurring after the horrific events that happened in Flordia this past week. We look forward to hearing your feedback and will be continuing these podcasts every Wednesday.

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Imagine a government where we aren’t focused on defending ourselves, building walls, or trying to please everyone. The country that you live in has advanced technology such as flying cars or even space travel. This is the idea behind a ‘Technocracy’. For those of you who don’t know a technocracy is a government that focuses on the advancement of technology within the country. This will involve taking problems such as world hunger or clean energy and focuses most of the government funds on that area of the government. This turns around the current ideas of republicans which involves a very army heavy government or the ideas of democrats which involve helping all people in every situation or country possiblem. Lets see how this technocracy would work in todays situation.

As I said before a technocracy would focus on solving problems with a majority of the money going into these technologies that would solve the problems. If we were to take a majority of funding away from defense and the army this could cause a major problem. Since we are one of the biggest markets and have one of the biggest armies in the world, if we were to become defenseless we would look like a open vault with no security. This would definitely cause other countries to have ideas to invade us. This is probably one of the biggest problems we have if we wanted to fund more money is technologies and sciences.


Another big problem that has to do with a majority of Americans is social service such as food stamps, social security, and even EBT cards. If we were to take away funding from this many Americans would probably not be able to survive. This could hopefully be fixed if technology becomes so advanced that prices drop since the cost of farming crops and manufacturing clothing will drop drastically. The hope is that computer’s and technology will help solve most of the jobs that can be done and making it extremely efficient. Then from there prices will be dirt cheap or even free hopefully at some point.

Unfortunately the idea of having a government system like this is also bad for work. People would lose their jobs to machines. This wouldn’t be just a few jobs, it would probably be all jobs! Why need accountants if people do need to make a profit. Why need farmers if it is ran by machines. Why need engineers when computers build, manufacture, and sooner or later drive the car. The idea of a technocracy is also to simplify everything to the point were hopefully all humans can live in a state of harmony without having to worry where they are gonna sleep, eat, or drink.

To sum up the idea of a technocracy is basically viewing the idea of our future, but at a quicker rate. This is what we all look forward to as the end goal. That no one has to worry about how they are going to survive, and that the simple jobs are done automatically without any human interaction. The real question is that would a forced technocracy work within the United States today?

Flagship Phones Dying?

Apple and Samsung currently dominate the market when it comes to smartphones, but it starting to feel like that is starting to change. Companies like OnePlus makers of the OnePlus phones are coming out of the woodwork and charging half the price for even better specs out phones. The only different between this phone and high end ones is the screen of course, but is a screen really worth an extra $500?

Most of the market currently is on the android side of this war of phones. This is mostly due cause of the price compared to apple phones which barely have deals or even an entry level phone that cost less than $500. Additionally, with the release of the new Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X the prices are not getting any cheaper. The good thing about smaller companies trying to match these flagship phones is that Samsung and Apple will have no other choice than to lower their prices to keep up with the great bang for buck style phones from all of these newer or not as well known companies.

The real question to be asked here is paying a massive extra amount of money worth it? Since I come from a very technical background I would say no. I currently own a One Plus 5 phone which has the same snapdragon processor as the Galaxy S8 and has more ram then both the Galaxy and iPhone combined. As well since i started using this phone I have the longest battery life I have ever had at about 16 hours a day at pretty high usage. The only thing I will every make a complaint about is the screen. Yes, it is not as good as say apple’s OLED screen, but its still a really good screen for the price you are paying.

We can already see how Apple is starting to slow down in sales. Apple has already stated that they will end the iPhone X’s life this coming July. I do feel like this is part of the high price for this phone as well as no real new features that stand out for consumers. This is something that is going to kill these flagship phones and that is uniqueness. If there isn’t a difference from a $1000 phone compared to a cheap $200, then why pay so much more money for the name brand?

So are these flagship phones dying? If these big phone brands keep raising their prices as Apple has just done I do think that people are going to start to convert to cheaper phones, and lets be real almost any phone you get now a-days has all the capabilities you need and they all do it pretty well. We will just have to wait and see who comes up with the next big idea that is revolutionize the way we use our smartphones everyday.

Last Minute Valentine Day Gifts Ideas

Forgot its already valentine’s day and your significant other will kill you if they don’t get a gift? Yeah, that happens to millions of people every year. Hopefully, this quick gift guide will help save your life if you haven’t got a gift already. Most of these gifts will require you to go to the store and are hopefully within a decent price range.

1. Flowers & Chocolates

Of course, this is going to be the most generic gift idea, but it always wins the hearts. This gift idea will only cost you around $30 dollars as long as you know where to look. You can even find these gifts at Walgreens, Rite Aid, or any corner store so it makes finding them extremely easy. The gift can get even better if you know your lovers favorite flower as it shows you remember what they like. Maybe try to hint at what flowers they like and see if you get an answer! If not, roses always are the best option in these scenarios.

2. Homemade Cards

This idea can take a little time but its extremely cheap and is from the heart making it so much better. Even if the card looks terrible your lover will have to act like they love it, so either way, it is a win-win situation. To make the card even better try to think of one of the better moments in your relationship such as your first date, your first kiss, or maybe just something you joke about all the time and write about it in the card. If you know how to draw maybe even try to recreate the scenario in the card!


3. Cook a Homemade Meal

This is a good option if you are trying to get dinner reservations on the day of valentine’s day cause it virtually will not happen. Try to come up with the favorite meal of your lover and try to the best of your ability not to burn it. Even if it comes out horrible your lover will still love it since it came from the heart. The best way to make sure you don’t mess up is to make things that are premade such as biscuits or Italian bread, so if dinner does go up in flames you can still eat something edible.

4. Jewelry or Tickets to a Show

If you want to follow this route you better have some money. Buying someone jewelry will always keep you on their good side, it is just a matter of what they need. For new lovers, you can always get a promise ring, earrings, bracelets, or a necklace. For people who have bought more jewelry then Kim Kardashian, buying tickets to a Broadway show or concert always give you both something to look forward too. If you are even luckier you can even get it for the same weekend so it looks like you didn’t forget. Both of these gifts can be purchased in a matter of minutes with the tickets being done on your phone and jewelry all you have to do it go into a jeweler, but don’t be surprised to pay a little more.

5. Stuffed Animals

Best way to win someone over is through stuffed animals. For those of you who have animal nicknames for each other go into a Rite Aid or Walgreens and find that animal. Most stores pack their shelves up with stuffed animals around Valentine’s day. If you don’t have names for each other try to find an animal your lover likes. The idea of remembering what they like always help win them over. Let’s be real who doesn’t like the face of a puppy stuffed animal.

Does Meditation Actually Work?

Meditation is the act of focusing on nothing but your breathing and the energy around you, in my opinion. I meditated for the last 7 days to see if I feel a difference and surprisingly I do! There is something about meditation that takes your mind off everything and helps you focus on the here and now. I only did 5 minutes every morning just so I can get the idea of it. I did this by searching up “guided meditation” on youtube and it came back with great results.

First I started to notice I am able to focus on projects more. I don’t reach for my phone every 10 seconds, instead I only answer when I lose this focus which has becoming less and less. Next I noticed when doing these guided meditations, I could feel the energy rising as they described. This energy help me fall into a deeper relaxation. By the the end of the meditation I felt like there was no stress and nothing to worry about. I mean of course there is something to worry about cause ya know life and all, but taking about 5 minutes out of the day to realize your existence and to remember that everything is gonna be okay definitely help bring you back down to earth. In a way doing meditation in the morning it helped me feel a lot calmer throughout the day and seem to not let any situations get to me. I definitely helped me think through problems clearer.


Studies have shown that only about 8% of Americans meditate, as per NIH, which I find to be extremely low. For me, since I live in New York, meditation has definitely helped me to relax in situations where I would get very upset about. Along with relieving stress, meditation is also known to help, alleviate high blood pressure, IBS, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. For those who idolize very wealthy or productive people, it is known that these individuals usual meditate on a daily bases to help them focus on what has to be done throughout their day.

My thoughts on meditations in general are as follows. I do feel like society views meditation as a very ‘weird’ thing to do in this day and age. As a kid you will be judged as weird if you do this so it sticks with most people as they become an adult and they never tend to try it. I also do feel like most people are glued to their phone, so trying to not look at it for 5 minutes can be a real problem for them. I hope that society will come to the fact of doing things such as yoga, mediation, or some other form of this, helps them become more stress free. If you haven’t tried yoga, do yourself a favor and try it, you won’t regret it.


How to Save Money in College

Saving money in college can probably be one of the hardest things to do. If you are working, you know how fast that paycheck gets used and then you end of with no more money, and you won’t get another check for about a week or so. Here are some tips to help you save some extra cash.

1. Bring Food from Home

It is pretty obvious but food is expensive if you want to eat out. The simpliest way to beat these prices is to bring food from home. This can cost you about 75% less. If you are lucky enough that your parents supply the food in the house you can be eating for free and then save the extra money.

2. Take Public Transportation

This is probably one of the biggest expense especially for my friends who Uber to everywhere they need to go. If you live in a very rural area this won’t apply to you but taking public transportation can save you so much money. Comparing $2.75 to be able to go accross New York, to over $10 dollars for an Uber driver where you can only go 5 minutes away. The savings are obvious for this one, try to utilize it as much as possible.

3. Don’t Buy A New Car

This is one of the mistakes I fell into. Buying a new car especially as a kid is the biggest expense and can take basically a whole check between car insurance and the monthly bill for the car itself. If you are going away to college where you probably won’t be using a car so often, then buy a used car. Used cars can be paid out fully and the monthly insurance payment will be extremely low compared to an insurance policy on a new car.

4. Stay Away from the Vending Machine

Most college students like their food quick and easy Vending machines are the easiest way to make money. Even though they like sound like a bargin for a dollar for chips, it’s not. It adds up quickly espically when you check is only about $500 or so biweekly. Try to stay away from these guys and only use them for emergencies.

5. Watch your Monthly Subscriptions

This is a biggy if you don’t watch what is coming out of your credit or debit card. Take the time this week to go over what monthly subscriptions you are paying for and really think about if you are really utilizing it to it’s full capability, if not cancel them. You can always resubscribe in the future.

6. Try Not to by expensive Coffee

Yes, I am talking about Starbucks. It is a very tasty coffee and I do enjoy it sometimes myself but comparing a $6 coffee to a $1 coffee is a big different. This is especially expensive you drink coffee every day and will only buy the expensive ones. Try the corner store or a cart if you live in the city, the coffee tastes about the same and is more than half the price!