The Daily Thinkers planner takes the overwhelm out of making dreams reality by focusing on the things you can do now—today, this week, this month. Live the life you envision daily.

Let your goals lead the way.

Big goals are achieved in small, consistent steps.









Designed for
Mindful Productivity

Each day, you’ll find space to prioritize tasks by importance, and space for gratitude. Giving thanks at the beginning sets the tone for everything ahead.

daily page

Inspiration meets action in our Brainstorm and Scheduling pages. List the tasks needed to achieve your big ideas and set dates and reminders.

goal sheets

We love that Friday feeling so much, we dedicated a page to it weekly. Celebrate all you’ve accomplished and look forward to all you’ll do next week. 

weekly reminder

You deserve to feel good about your habits. See them all on one page by tracking up to 12 each month. There’s even room for notes and stickers! 

habit tracker

Some things are extra special. Whether it’s a goal, a birthday, an appointment, or a can’t-miss event, highlights keep you focused on what matters this month.

monthly highlight

At month’s end, a new one awaits. Taking a moment to plan for the next four weeks helps you stay on top of things. The possibilities are achievable.  

monthly reminder

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